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We always and will continue to ensure proper sanitization procedures. Stay safe and mask up!

We always and will continue to ensure proper sanitization procedures. Stay safe and mask up!

Family Owned & Operated Since 2000

Caffe Torino joined the Oro Valley Community in February 2000 as a coffee/lunch establishment, but changed its direction quickly as Daniela and her mother Edy started cooking authentic home recipes of Italian goodness. Through the years, Daniela has maintained the highest quality and consistency of her ingredients and has never changed her direction of family recipes.

After her mother Edy retirement in 2006, Daniela/Executive Chef has continued the same style of executing these recipes. 

Thank you for your patronage through the years!


"We look forward to personally meeting and getting to know each of you in order to ensure the best possible dining experience." ~Daniela~ 

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Authentic Northern Italian Cuisine

When Daniela Borella and her family moved from Italy to Tucson in the late ‘80s they soon realized that there were no authentic Italian restaurants in the area. With little experience or background in the restaurant business but lots of passion for making good food, they decided to open a small Italian café that served simple Italian cuisine in a family atmosphere. Daniela’s mother, Edy was the original chef and she was cooking the food that she served to her family for many years. She is now retired but still a big part of the operation of the restaurant with her input and inspiration.

Daniela’s father, Italo was also involved in the operation of the restaurant providing fresh-made pasta and running daily errands, unfortunately, he passed away in March of 2013. He is greatly missed by everyone. Daniela is now the executive chef and she continues cooking her mother’s food with the same passion. The recipes have been in the family for many years and the making of fresh pasta has been a tradition that goes back to many generations. Daniela’s father passed in 2013.


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